Soladey ion5, Your Best Ionic Toothbrush.
Good For The Whole Mouth.

Do you ever wonder about everything that goes on in your mouth?

Soladey ion5 Oxygenating Ionic Toothbrush

Your oral orifice, as we sometimes like to call it, can be a yucky place.

So we would like to propose a happy new ionic toothbrush concept to you – for the benefit of your total oral care. Not just your pearly whites. Actually if they are pearly white, you have probably scrubbed off some of your enamel. Not a good thing in the long run.

The Soladey ion5 is a high tech ionic toothbrush solution for just about all that goes on in your mouth. From teeth to gums to tongue. Because it doesn’t have to be all about scrubbing. It’s about oral ionic science – proven over 20 years in the market.

And you don’t need toothpaste. Just add water!

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Picture An Oxygen Bath
On Your Teeth And Gums.

Oxygen gives us life.

If you go camping in the woods you feel great because of
an oxygen rich environment.

What you are also experiencing in an outdoor environment is air that is rich in negative ions. Which are actually positive for you. More on that later.

So if you take this basic oxygenating, negative ion premise and build it into a toothbrush that incorporates a titanium dioxide (TiO2) core – a proven bacteria fighter – you get a complete oral orifice cleaning tool. Without the need for batteries or electricity – because our Soladey ionic toothbrush is solar powered.

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Happy Mouths Everywhere!

Over 2.5 million people have purchased Soladey ionic toothbrushes.

And they love them for a variety of reasons. The most important one being that their mouth looks and feels better. And their dentists and hygienists notice the difference. Mind you, the stubborn ones want scientific proof. And we offer a money-back guarantee.

"Since I switched to Soladey two years ago, my teeth are cleaner, dentist trips few and far-between, the brush heads last months and I couldn’t be happier with the product. I have to admit I was skeptical at first - but the brush has performed beyond my expectations.”
“Well I just got my new toothbrush today and I think this is an answer to my prayers. I love this thing; I can tell the difference already.”
San Jose, California
“I am very satisfied with my Soladey...I don’t want to ever be without it again. It is a healthier choice for my family.”
L, Charico
Mexico City, Mexico
“I am more aware of my smile now, and my mouth feels so clean all of the time. I thought that I would never want to give up using toothpaste and mouthwash because it is all I have ever know, but my mouth feels a lot more healthier now, compared to what it used to with the old way of brushing.”
D. Drensil
Kirkland WA
“I would like to tell you how delighted we are with Soladey toothbrushes that our family bought. Whenever we visit the dentist, we get comments on how we must spend a lot of time on our teeth, when in fact we do not take that much trouble over out teeth. It just goes to show you how effective these toothbrushes are.”
S. Gross
Richmond BC
“Since my daughter started using Soladey, her check ups have dramatically improved. I don’t believe her brushing habits changed...it was that new toothbrush...she also gets sick with less frequency. “
M. Rieley
Regina SK
“I am truly delighted with my Soladey, I have a clean fresh mouth each time I use it, whiter teeth and I saved over $600 last year, compared to the years previous dental products purchased.”
J. Jenn
Port Coquitlam BC
“For a number of years I have had a lot of plaque build up and consequential pocketing of the gum tissue which lead to periodontal surgery. I have tried all types and style of brushes in an attempt to prevent further problems. After using Soladey my gum tissue is healthier and my gums no longer bleed when I brush. I also have no plaque build up. My dentist asked me where he could get one.”
N. Kashawga
Registered Nurse / Brandon MB
“I heard about your product and have been using your toothbrush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this toothbrush. I had very bad mercury toxicity.”
“...they are without question the best toothbrushes that I have ever used - (even the electric ones don't come close). And, yes, you can quote that if you like!”
S. Lake
“Using the Soladey toothbrush has been an incredible experience. Never has my mouth felt so alive, healthy, and clean. Even when I floss, the areas between my teeth feel smoother and cleaner. My gums feel great and my teeth are already looking whiter. The difference between brushing with this toothbrush and others I have tried is striking.”
Joe K, Ann Arbor
“...it cleans my teeth far better than any ordinary brush, even without toothpaste! So smooth!! I felt it from the first time I used Soladey.”
Gw van Rooij
“My teeth feel really clean. It's quite astonishing. I'm writing to let you know I'm really impressed. If you ever need a testimony I'll give you one.”
K D Bristol
“I heard about your product and have been using your toothbrush for two plus years. It is amazing and an excellent product. My dentist has been very pleased with my results from using this toothbrush”
Durham, N.C.
“We highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush to all our patients because it has proven to be a simple, highly effective and economical means of controlling both the formation and removal of dental plaque.”
Dr. Derek Clease
“I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 19 years, and never before have I tested or used a toothbrush more effective than any electric brush I recommended in the past. The results have been whiter teeth, less plaque, and cleaner fresher breath for patients and myself.”
Victoria DaCosta
“This Ionic toothbrush is the most effective I have ever tested. It removes plaque, it causes your teeth to repel plaque, it reduces bacteria and biofilm in the mouth, it gets rid of bad breath and morning breath, it helps prevent bleeding gums and has eliminated it in most cases, it removes stains from your teeth like coffee and tobacco, and it is environmentally friendly in a big way.”
Dr. Michael Margolis

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